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Are you constantly exhausted?  Do you frequently feel sick, lack energy, purpose, drive or stamina?  Do you have trouble thinking and are irritable all the time?  Are you experiencing unexplained hair loss, dry skin, weight gain?  Do your joints ache and swell but, you don't know why?  Do you have an overall sense of not feeling your best?  Have you been to numerous doctors or practitioners yet, you're left without any real answers to questions or solutions for your problems?

Vise Holistic Health addresses the underlying causes of an individuals' health concerns using a systems-oriented approach, incorporating traditional western medicine with "alternative" or integrative medicine to address the healthcare needs of the 21st century. Vise Holistic Health's revolutionary new approach couples understanding the origins, prevention, and treatment of complex chronic disease with a patient-centered integrative science-based health care approach.  Blending traditional western medicine with "alternative" medicine, creating a focus on prevention.

Dr. Douglas W. Vise is the visionary behind Vise Holistic Health.  Dr. Vise has improved the lives of hundreds of individuals, suffering various health concerns, by addressing the underlying causes, including toxins, infections, allergies, poor diet, and stress.  Dr. Vise uses the principles of Functional Medicine combined with alternative health approaches. Analyze the root of your health concerns, discovers the triggers of disease, and supports your body's function through nutrients, herbs, and proven treatment protocols. The same advanced treatment protocols practiced by practitioners at the cutting edge of health care.

By following a straight forward, well managed program, you can discover and treat the roots of your health concerns, reverse your conditions, and give yourself "The Gift of Health."  A functional integrative holistic health approach gives you the knowledge and the methods.  However, only you can seek out and apply the correct treatment protocols, "Fail to act, and you act to fail".

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If You Want Your Life to Improve, You Must Improve Yourself

A time comes when you need to stop waiting for the person you want to become and start being the person you want to be.  No one improves by accident.  Personal  health doesn't just happen on its own.  You must take complete ownership of the  health process.  If you want your life and your health to improve, you must improve yourself, you must make that a tangible target.  There is always thousands of reasons not to move forward.  Not enough time, money, you don't know who to trust, you feel intimidated by the complexity of your condition.

I don't know any successful person who thinks health and growth comes quickly or easily.  You, and you alone create your  life.  Here's the formula: Preparation + Attitude + Action = Opportunity.  It all starts with preparation.  If you want to improve your life and reach your true potential, become intentional in your preparation. Research, ask questions, discover who and what forms of help are out there waiting for you to come along and take advantage of them.  Change your attitude.  "Become important."  Without success and happiness in your own life, you have nothing to offer those around you. Next, you must take action. A lot of people know what to do but, few do what they know.  Without action there is no opportunity.  Applying the above formula to your live and your health concerns will change your life.

- If you resist your fear, have faith and focus on where you want to go, your actions will take you in that direction, and if it's possible to succeed, you will - but you stand no chance if you focus on what you fear.  -Anthony Robbins

"Ask and you will receive; seek and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you."   -Matthew 7:7

"As the fletcher whittles and makes stright his arrows, so the master directs his straying thoughts."    -The Budda